The countdown to the Atlanta Gift Show is on… 7 days and counting. Next Friday I will be debuting myself as a Licensed Illustrator to hopefully lots and lots of companies and agents. I’m praying that something comes of it, and I’m so nervous… It’s my first time.

I have made it through lots of the portfolio list though. I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend I’ll be done with the portfolio all together!!!!! But that’s if I push myself to get it done… and for some unknown reason I work SO much better when the pressure is on.

I also have run into a little trouble… my website is on the slow train… My sister, thank goodness, does the website stuff for me! But while trying to switch hosting sites she ran into a snag and the new hosting site’s customer service is taking FOREVER to get back to her and fix the problem… So I’m not sure if the site will be ready by next Friday. I’m hoping it is, because it’d be really unprofessional of me to say, “Hold on, don’t go to the site yet, wait until next week. It’s not finished.” I CAN’T DO THAT!!! Luckily, RD (the BF) is gonna let me take his iPad! I can load the whole portfolio on there and carry it with me as a mobile folio. That’d be great! I’m kind of excited to do that honestly… I’m just not sure how to get the photos onto the iPad just yet…

I did, however, order business cards and post cards for me to leave behind at the show. Here’s hopin’ they make it to me in time… the post card guarantee date was July 15!!! That’s the day before!!! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it all comes together in the last seconds before the show… like usual.

BUT, I am gonna give you a sneak peek!! Isn’t that exciting! There have been VERY few people who’ve gotten to see what I’ve done so far… and I’m ready to start showing it off!

Here’s a sneak peek…

Ta-da!!! It’s the back of my business card! :)

Anyway, more updates will be coming soon, I promise. I’m looking forward to writing about my experience at the show, so keep checking back for more!