To say that I was busy the last couple of days, would not do me justice. Oy! I was so busy I have forgotten what day it was. Well I’m going to have to update you on two days of the show, since I was slack on Thursday night and didn’t do it then.

Ok, so Thursday, my busiest day. I got to the mart early to make sure I had plenty of time to peruse the 12 floors of the mart that were Gift and Home accessories. I met TONS of people! My notes for that day are sooooo extensive it’s ridiculous. I made a few appointments to meet with creative directors on Friday, and that was exciting for me. I had some really positive experiences with a few companies, one company that plans on calling me ASAP! A few people I met didn’t have a direct need for me, but knew someone who did! So I made quite a few connections on Thursday.

Friday was a day for re-visits and appointments. I tried to make sure that I said “hey” to a few key people who I enjoyed meeting the last couple days, which was great. It was great to hear from them that they had, “told their boss about me” already! Wahoo! It’s good to be memorable, for the good stuff! The appointments went well and I met quite a few other new good networking connections. One guy may be able to get me some help finding an agent, that’s pretty exciting. A few others were offering me jobs! So that was nice. I also found a few other companies that didn’t have representatives that I’d love to work with… so I’ll have to research them and see if there’s a way to get in touch with someone.

All around it was a great experience going to the mart, and it was great to meet every one that I did. If anything, I made some awesome contacts that will definitely be around for me in the future. I look forward to getting lezleelliott up and running, and it seems as though I’m at the block and the gun is about to go off! I’ve already got a deadline for Wednesday, eeeeek!!! :)

I’m excited and ready to go… so pray for me, and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!