I’ve decided to create a little project and I need your help! What I create is always geared towards today modern-day savvy shopper, so I need to make sure I stay linked in to what’s happening. So here’s my proposal…

At the end of the week, tell me what’s happening in your life. Like, your inlaws coming over for a bbq, or you’re turning 27, or you’re preggo with your 3rd kid, or you broke your foot, or you bought a new purse and absolutely love it. WHATEVER! I want to constantly challenge myself to create illustrations and designs that apply to real-life needs.

I’ll choose one event (hopefully each week) and create a quick illustration for it. A greeting card, or tableware or wrapping paper or whatever! I’m just curious if I can do something like this, and the best way to find out if I can handle getting a project for “broken bones” is to TRY IT! You just never know!

So leave me a comment through the weekend, here on this blog, here or here, on the things happening in your life, and I’ll let you know on Monday which event I choose!