Oh goodness I never imagined writing emails could keep you so busy! This is ludicrous! No wonder creative’s hire agents, we can’t get anything done because we’re constantly trying to play catch-up with the business side of everything. I haven’t even gotten a chance to finish sending follow-up emails from the Atlanta Show!

But, honestly I guess that’s a good problem to have, it keeps me busy ALL day and it’s getting my name out there. I do think, contrary to others beliefs, that I’m going to send out some vibes to agents and reps to see what they say. I would love to pick up an amazing agent, it would be hugely helpful and hopefully extremely successful. I just want to make sure that I find the right one, someone who believes in my work as much as I do, and wants to see lezleelliott be a successful brand as a whole, across multiple licensing fronts.

I guess ultimately that is my goal, to become a brand, or at least brand-like. Where lezleelliott becomes a name that is requested… yeah that’d be super cool. Don’tcha think??

Well one of the only ways I’m going to get there is by continuing to pursue this avidly and make it work no matter what. Part of that success is going to be CONSUMERS! I’m working right now on getting some collaborations done and I’m REALLY excited about them, and I can’t WAIT to tell you all about them.

Ok, off to work some more before bedtime and get some more emails out there. Wish me luck!

OH! P.S. I found out today I’m going to have a niece! I’m so excited, and so is the rest of my family! Congratulations Kristin & Jonathon!