No, it’s not my birthday. But I am working on a project that is for birthdays, so I’m currently channeling my inner birthday girl. Singing the song in my head, thinking of how I love to open presents. Getting mail, that’s the BEST! Or getting DELIVERIES! You know that takes planning, so those are even better. Basically I’m pretending it’s my birthday and how I feel on that day, and how I feel when I get “recognition” for it… aka awesome presents.

It’s really kinda terrible cause now I want it to be my birthday. Oh well… it does help inspire me so that’s good. And hopefully all of that will come across in the concepts I’m submitting.

Still working on a couple deals… hopefully I’ll hear back from one I’m SUPER excited about tomorrow. I’ll be sure to let you, my gigantic audience, know if I’ve got some good news. I’ve submitted some things to a HUGE company on Tuesday, so I’m waiting to hear back from them… pretty excited to see what they say… keeping my fingers crossed!

Well I’ll let you know if anything else happ… y birthday to meeeeeee, happy birthday to meeeeee… it’s stuck…