It has been a long week… sheesh. It’s been productive, stressful, exciting, emotional. Frankly, I’m exhausted! So this post is probably going to be jumpy and nonsensical.

Since I’ve started this process I’ve been working towards the goal of getting out there and getting work, and now I feel like it’s actually happening. I’ve also discovered this is not a quick process. I feel like I’m constantly updating you with “I’ve got a few deals going that I can’t reveal just yet.” But everyone is busy! So it’s difficult to knock out a business decision quickly, which means lots of waiting. I’m being patient, and if there’s ever any impatience it’s only because I’m so excited about the possibility that I can’t wait to start working! But after today and this weekend I should have more clarification on a couple of projects that I’m REALLY excited about. So around and around we go, where we’ll stop… let’s hope someone knows… and let’s hope it’s GOOD!

Speaking of good, Monday is going to be a good day for lots of people close to me! My sister Jennifer has a second interview for a job!!! Yay! My friend Amy starts work at a new job!!! I’ve got a meeting Monday afternoon that I’m really looking forward to. So far, Monday is shaping up to be a pleasant day!

As for the non-creative business side of things, I’ve been actively putting myself into the art community. I’ve been quietly following lots of artists for the last few months and I finally started speaking up and letting them know I’m around. I also took advantage of LinkedIn and discovered that one of the groups I have been a part of is SO active! I started participating in conversations and blogs and sharing ideas… it seems crazy to think I haven’t been doing this all along… but I haven’t! And so far I’m enjoying it, but MAN it takes so much time to do that stuff.

And my time is quickly dwindling down to being so busy I have no time whatsoever. It’s not that I never thought I’d get to that point, but I didn’t know I’d be such an active business like this. I had started lezleelliott before when I was doing freelance design, and I actually had two entire magazines that I was designing and illustrating for… and even then I was NEVER this busy! I will admit, I was extremely hesitant to restart lezleelliott after I closed the whole thing down because the magazines didn’t work out and I had no other business. I felt like by being out on my own I had failed… and to start down that road again was really scary. But I feel like I’ve come leaps and bounds from where I first was, and I gotta admit. It feels nice.