I actually sang the tune while I wrote than… and I hope you did as well.

So I FINALLY have news to give you. I HAVE AN AGENT!!! :) I decided I definitely needed help to continue pursuing licensed illustration and I did ALOT of work to find just the right person. Many artists choose not to have an agent because they take a good amount of the money you wind up getting… BUT what you have to realize is that they have the insight that you may not. They have the contacts that you are struggling to acquire, they know what fees and royalties you are researching to death to figure out, and even better they have the time to do the “door knocking” to ensure you get the contract AND that the contract is completely taken care of! Why wouldn’t you want to give them their fair share??

Anyway, I am now signed on with Jewel Branding herein Atlanta (that was a bonus!). I’m SO excited to be working with Julie (the founder) and I’m already diving into new projects with her. She’s got some really great brands (Robin Pickens, Izak, and Jessie Steele to name a few) already and my goal is to be another top brand, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Believe it or not, but all this happened while I was on vacation!! I told you I was still working. :) So I guess “onward and upward” is what they say and that’s where I’m headed. I can’t wait to (hopefully) start showing actual completed projects on here and keeping you up-to-date on the products you’ve just got to have ;)

Wish me luck!