So I had to do some research this weekend. I really needed it. I’ve been couped up in the house working so much that I got stuck in a rut. I lost touch with what was out there and that’s where most of my inspiration comes from!

So I decided yesterday afternoon that I’d go do a little research… aka SHOPPING!! Ahahahahaha, who doesn’t love the fact that their job requires SHOPPING as research?! Well… I didn’t buy anything so it was mostly window shopping, but I came across some really great stuff and some GREAT new artists that I saw everywhere. Let me just say, Martha Stewart is taking over the world. She has her hand in EV-ER-Y-THING. Geez.

Anywho, here’s some of the pictures I took with my secret agent camera of products/colors/images that inspired me! Oh… P.S. secret agent camera = cell phone camera.

Love the way these patterns mingle together.

Love all the dots and swirls, so “Spice Market”-y.

I am loving the gray and yellow combo.

Love this fixture, it went straight into the sketchbook.

And discovered a new style by Vera, no not my beloved Vera Bradley… a NEW Vera…well she’s not new but I’ve never seen her stuff before and it’s everywhere! It’s all her hand painted images put onto home décor. Love the bright colors :)

And look who else I saw, basically everywhere, Jessie Steele! She’s represented by Jewel Branding also :)

You know it was a successful research trip when you get home and work until 3:30 AM! And got up and started working again today.