It’s Monday and I know I need a pick-me-up so I figure everyone else does too! So I thought I’d share a little sneak peek with you :) Yay! I know you’re all screaming your heads off like you’re about to see Justin Timberlake… but calm down… it’s just me. Hah!

Anywho, birds are definitely a growing trend right now, and they come in all shapes and sizes. So inadvertently half of my Spring/Summer 2011 collections wound up being bird related! I didn’t plan it but it happened. The good thing is they are three very different birds so enjoy!

The first collection is “Not So Blue Bird” it’s very springy and cute.

Next is “Birds of a Feather”, I call it my “mommy pattern” because for some reason it just looks like it belongs on baby stuff, blankets, pillows, whatever!

And this last one seems to be a favorite… “Feathered Peacock”! It’s very contemporary but still has a bit of whimsy. I love this one, and I want a pillow with the main white pattern with feathers ASAP!!!

I hope you like them! Keep in mind, these are only one of the color versions from each collection… hey, it’s only a sneak peek ;)