I’ve been so busy this great event has fallen by the wayside! BUT I have lots of new followers on Facebook, Twitter AND on my blog so it’s about time I pull this baby out again.

You know the drill, you have until Sunday night to tell me about any event going on in your life. ANYTHING!!! Your child starting Pre-K? Your kid turning 4 and you’re going to Disney? Going surfing in Hawaii? Those are just a few of the ones already submitted that WON! It’s so easy, just comment on my Facebook, on this blog, or Twitter me @lezleelliott.

Next week I’ll announce the winner by revealing the winning illustration! AND you get a free print of what I wind up drawing, isn’t that exciting!!! So please please please let me in on your fun events so I get some drawing practice :D

Have a great weekend, and be sure to let me know what you’re doing!