I’ve got your answer! GET UP EARLIER!!!! Hah, well it’s not always that easy… but it does work.

I’m officially on day 2 of project “GET UP AND GET TO WORK.” I’ve got so much going on, there just can’t be any more getting up at 8… I’ve got my alarm set for 6 AM, and so far I’m doing alright. I got up yesterday at 6:15, and this morning at 6:30. I’m still in the process of training my body to get up at the first alarm… and telling myself that just because it’s dark out doesn’t mean it’s the middle of the night. It’s time to GET UP AND GET TO WORK! It does help that as soon as my mind re-enters consciousness that it starts going at a million miles a minute.

All of this started because Rob claimed I was messing up his sleeping patterns since I wasn’t coming to bed until 3 or 4AM. So now I’m working until about 10 or 11 at night and getting up at “6”, getting ready and working all day. I’ve gotten a good bit done so far, but there’s more on the table… of course.

I guess it’s a good problem to have – being busy – but man I just don’t know when it will slow down. If ever. And that’s probably a good thing. Let’s hope project “GET UP AND GET TO WORK” actually gets better… I’m thinking eventually I need to be getting up at 5:30!!! YIKES!

(Cartoon via “toothpaste for dinner“)