Well judging by my absence, I’ve been B.U.S.Y. but here’s why!

It’s coming up on January (duh) and that means the Atlanta Gift Show! And I have an agent now that has a booth at the show, so it’s imperative that I look like a real brand that’s all put together. Which means creating a brand book. It’s a book that you can hand out to manufacturers and art directors, etc, that explains what my “brand” is all about. My style, who it appeals to, what products we’re looking to license, etc. It’s kind of like a business card/resume all in one neatly designed package.

SO, that means LOTS of work. Creating an 8-page book takes more work than you think. Especially because I haven’t previously created one for myself, I mean I’ve only been lezleelliott for 5 months! So I’m simultaneously finishing collections, presentations, lifestyle images, deciding what page layouts will look like, working with my marketing wiz best friend on wording (Amy), etc. I’ve been so busy I have barely had time for absolutely anything else. I’m shocked I got my Christmas shopping done…

Anywho… so since I’ve been doing all this work, and since I’ve been so bad at posting on the blog, I’d post a sneak peek at a couple pages in the brand book!!!! :) I know you’re excited. Hah! I will be posting more after the shows since some things can’t be shown just yet, but man I’m pumped to get them out there. So without further adieu… enjoy your holidays and love your family! I’ll be finishing up this book and preparing to glue a toothy smile on my face for a whole week at the show! After that it’s onward to New York and Las Vegas for licensing shows in May and June :)