Alright, the show is finally over and I can blog about how it went! First let me say, I got to meet Robin Pickens, who I ADORE!!! As well as, Darci Phillips and Phyllis Dobbs!! All represented by Jewel Branding and totally fantastic ladies. Love their work and I was so happy to finally meet them. I also spotted Kathy Weller from Weller Wishes, and I’m an avid Weller fan!! Love her drawings and was excited to see her there.

The show was GREAT! And it was a dual show for me, I was working at Luvali each day and Fri-Sun my agent was downstairs working in the licensing section.

The response to my bags was great! And here’s a special little tidbit, Luvali was invited to the Oscars and they’re taking MY BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?! They’ll be giving all the stars lezleelliott bags in the gifting suites. I can’t wait to see what pictures come from that! I was thrilled when Jackie told me and then said, “oh I guess I should’ve asked if that was ok…” I said, “are you kidding me!?”

The retailer response was great too, most would buy the wristlets and the messenger bags together, since they coordinate. I LOVE the wristlets. I think they are great for carrying out to a bar, or throwing into a larger purse to hold makeup and stuff.

They’re also working on these great pendants that have my fabrics in them too!

So obviously Luvali was great and I’m glad I got to attend the show and meet some of the retailers that will be carrying my bags! They should be out in stores in the spring! Can’t wait to see them.

As far as licensing went, it also went GREAT!!! Julie had a fantastic response to my work and brand book. Lots of interest by lots of companies, and I thought this was the small show! Now I’m dying to find out what happens at Surtex in NY (May) and Licensing Expo in Vegas (June). This is just the beginning I feel… and I’m so pumped to see what comes of it!

I’ll be sure to let you know when new lezleelliott products are available :)