I have been working SO hard lately and I’m finally getting a little down time [when I say “little” I mean like a minute] to address some things that have been on my to-do list.

This “to-do” is about my inspiration. As an artist you are constantly looking, changing and finding what inspires you. It’s actual work, trust me. I get inspired by color, interior design, fashion, photography, jewelry, and lots of other different things. Knowing this, I decided to proactively address the issue when my family asked what I wanted for Christmas this year, so I asked for magazines! I made a whole list of possible magazines that might have content that would inspire me and handed it out to the family. My sister, Kristin, was way into that idea so she got me Veranda, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and House Beautiful. A-W-E-SOME. I got a couple others Fresh Home, CITY [e-catalog] and some others I can’t remember.

Anywho, another aspect of being inspired by these things is SEEING them… which is a problem when they are just in a magazine [outta sight outta mind sorta thing], so they must get cut out! So now you’ve got like a billion cut outs, what do you do with them?? You gotta have an “inspiration board” of some sort! This proved very difficult for me. Originally I just said, “I need a cork board, but not just any cork board, a HUGE cork board.” So I did tons of research on cork boards, let me just say, they. are. expensive. I even looked into getting a roll of cork and basically securing the whole thing on to the wall…but it’s thin and the tacks would just go into the wall. That’s the whole reason I’m wanting a cork board, so that I don’t wind up with tons of holes in my wall! But wait… using the cork board also means I’ll have to punch a bunch of holes into my inspiring images… and I don’t wanna do that. It also means I need to buy tons of thumb tacks… This is getting obnoxious and expensive, need new idea.

I’ve seen those ribbon boards before, so now I consider those, no tacks, no hole poking… seems like a viable option. One problem, they aren’t very big, I mean, they can be, but those are also expensive. Well, I think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and use these because I can’t glue stuff, that would be murdering the images… no tacks that’s also murder…so I guess shoving it into a ribbon is the answer! It even sounds better…held up by ribbon, it sounds pillowy… I like it. Now, Kohls just HAPPENED to have a sale on these ribbon boards for buy one get one free or half off or something, whatever…it meant two for a low price. PLUS Rob’s dad, Mike, had given Rob some “Kohls cash” to use on whatever. [Trust me Rob SCOURED Kohls to see if there was something he could use the “cash” for and didn’t find anyting] So I gave the go ahead! I got 6 french twill ribbon boards [18×20] for like $20 after all the discounts and Kohls cash. WAY TO GO!!!

All that eventfulness happened like right before Christmas. So the boards have been sitting in my office since with nothing inspiring to do. I finally had a chance today to put them up!! (Click on the image to see my animated version of it all going up!)

So now I’ve got them all up!!! AND I also had some, just some, of the inspiring images already cut out! Yay! I’ve only gone through about 1/3rd of my magazines so far and have plenty more to go. But I got to put up my color coordinated images and I’m pretty excited about it.

Obviously I’ve got PLENTY of blue/teal/green images… and the rest are coming along slowly. I am glad I did this because now I can see that I’m missing alot of orange and yellow! Of course each board has it’s own color scheme, #1: Red/Pink/Purple, #2: Orange/Gold/Yellow, #3:Green/Teal/Blue, #4: Browns, #5: Grays/Neutrals, #6: Blacks and Whites. So until I stock up on more boards, because ultimately I’d love to have one board PER color… this will do!

Next on the list is the big cork board I got for Christmas from my mom and dad which will serve as the Project Board!!!!!! I’m feeling inspired, so off into the weekend I go. Have a great weekend and tell me what inspires you :)