That’s right I’m shopping looking for inspiration today. It’s time to start creating new patterns and illustrations and I’m searching for those little “sparks” in my brain that get me motivated. So far I’ve spent 2 hours a little bit of time on fashion blogger sites, looking at bags, cool Disney belts, jewelry that I am drooling over and funky shoe’s I could probably never wear but tell myself maybe they’d look good with skinny jeans and a white t-shirt.

Justice Bodan-Disney Belts

I found some cool stuff, like this

Marc Jacobs bracelet. I really love the blue and gold mix of colors, it’s going to be a very popular combination this summer. I actually think that gold in general is coming back in a big way, since I’ve noticed it’s slowly been creeping in.

Erikson Beamon via The Coveted

In my 2010 inspiration pulls I’ve been gathering TONS of gold images… so my prediction is – big trend.

So I’m off to continue calculating what I can afford on my credit card wishopping – wishing I could shop – and I’ve already got a few “sparks” going off, so while they’re fresh in my mind I’ve GOT to sketch out ideas and write down thoughts. Enjoy your weekend! It’s supposed to storm here, which means being lazy more wishopping, I’ve got lots to do!