I love the smell of freshly printed paper. Especially when it’s my new updated brand books!!! :) They look amazing and I’m so happy with them. I can’t wait to start handing them out in New York at the Surtex show.

Oh, did I mention I am GOING to New York?!? I am thrilled to say that I will be attending the debut showing of lezleelliott at an actual HUGE licensing show! I’m so pumped and speaking of pumps I don’t know what to wear!!? Luckily Amy is going with me [huge grin] and we are going to plan what to pack. Thank goodness.

So now I’m busy preparing everything for the show and trying to make sure a bazillion things are done…it’s getting out of hand. Well, I’ve gotta get back to finishing things up, but was so excited about the new books I just had to share! :) Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!