I was on a roll tooooooo…… boo… I haven’t written cause I’ve been dealing with this.

Stupid truck. Here’s there short of it:

Truck threw it into reverse at full speed not giving me time to move or barely honk. Then ran off. That’s right, hit. and. run. Jerk. Got license plate and description of idiot since he stared me down while leaving the scene. I’m fine, not injured, just pissed that he left. Luckily it happened right outside my driveway.

I’ll finish writing about NY in the next couple days. I have lots of projects flying around that I CAN’T WAIT to share with you, AND I’m coming up with new giveaways and contests, that benefit YOU, on my Facebook page :). Cause we need some fun around here gosh darnit. So get ready!!!!!