One reason that I began art licensing is because I wanted to make things that Lezlee Elliott wanted to buy. I am funny, sarcastic, creative, emotional, impatient, and not too girlish but girlish enough to giggle at girly things. And it’s DIFFICULT to find things that I like. I feel like I’m always searching for something different than what’s out there and I can never find what I want. So I started making those things I was looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few great artists that have shown up (Mary Phillips, Anne Taintor, and Simon+Kabuki to name a few ), and make awesome stuff that I want to buy but generally it’s still a struggle.

Greeting cards… Ugh… I. am. not. mushy. I am emotional. But not mushy…get it right. I just attended a bridal shower for my BFF, literally yesterday, and I did not want to hand her a card that says “Congrats!” [eye roll] I feel like she’d just think I grabbed it off the shelf and settled. Instead I managed to find a card where the groom is grabbing the “buns” of the bride! What’s EVEN BETTER is that we were out the night before the bridal shower and the groom-to-be ACTUALLY grabbed her butt right in front of me! I died laughing and said, “you’ll know tomorrow!” And of course when she saw the card she laughed, so don’t you see how that absolutely fits perfectly?? That’s just the type of person I am, and my friends know that and I think they expect to receive cards that feel like, “Yeah… that’s from Lezlee alright.”

Anyhow, I started making some Haute Wine girls last year and came up with funny little sayings to accompany them. And now, I’m basically a full fledged greeting card maker with these ladies. I have come up with a whole line of birthday, Halloween and Christmas cards with my Haute Wine ladies that we’re presenting to manufacturers currently!!!!! And I love them so I wanted to share a couple… just a couple though! And I’ll be sure to let you know when they get picked up and in stores ;)

And of course you should know, these girls all started as representations of me and my best friends. :) So when planning my BFF’s bachelorette party… I HAD to use the girl I had created for her!!! DUH!

She literally almost fell over when she saw it… :) That means it was PER.FECT. Love it ;)