Ok, so I’m not really a doctor… but I have folders like them!! Well…I do now.

So there’s a couple of things I should tell you before delving into this… I inherited a terrible disease from my mother, who got it from my Grandma and she probably got it from her mom too. I. write. lists. Lists of lists. And lists of lists of lists. I keep [no joke] 5 post-it pads on my desk at all times in all colors because there are different levels of importance to my notes. PLUS, they aren’t the small 2×2 normal post-its. They’re 4×4, “super sticky” and they have ruled lines. I also have 4 letter size notepads on my desk, each with a mashup of notes/schedules/ideas/etc. Obviously I write ALOT of stuff down. I constantly think of ideas and jot them down and stick it somewhere on my desk, which always winds up looking like a disaster. And, here comes the pertinent part, I lose them! And I can always remember exactly when I wrote it, what color post-it I wrote on but NOT what I wrote! Hence the below post!

I needed a solution. A way to keep my ever growing ideas, lists and notes together with the things that were actually pertinent to the ideas, lists and/or notes. Oh, the other thing I meant to tell you… I am THE most organized artist I’ve EVER come across. So yeah I’m OCD about being organized, but it’s the ONLY way I can think straight. I literally have to clean my desk when it’s a mess because I won’t be able to think creatively or get anything done. And I’m also a problem solver. If there’s a problem, I can probably find a solution or fix it. Even if it’s like, the dvd player isn’t working, Dr. Lezlee can fix it. Seriously, ask my friends. I believe one of my friends compared me to MacGyver recently, if that gives you any idea as to how problem solvy I am. Ok, on to the “Dr. Folders”.

Ok, so seriously, have you ever noticed the folders they have in Dr’s offices? They have those metal tabs on top to add new information about the patient each time it’s needed. AND, come to find out, those folders are available with partitions, so inside ONE folder you can have 3 different sections, or 6 surfaces to add new information to. THIS.IS.PERFECT. I think I cried a little when I saw these online at an office supply store. Well, I immediately ordered two boxes (two different colors of course because I decided to have two “types” of folders). Blue=Collections (licensing) Red=Jobs (mostly graphic design based stuff) This is my FIRST blue folder :) I haven’t labeled it yet, but you better believe I’m doin’ it asap, but for now I’ll just tell you that this is the Haute Wine folder.

I even came up with a formula as to what all the partitions are for… that’s how bad this disease is.

First, once you flip open the folder, the first thing you’ll see is the “final collection” section on the left, basically what the final version of the collection turned out looking like and what I’m selling currently. On the right are notes regarding the collection, or ideas and, in this case, sayings that I’ve come up with accompany the girls.

Next, flip the first partition and you’ll see the “variations” of the collection on the left, so anytime I make color changes or new characters that belong in the same collection, this is where they’ll go. And that happens ALOT. On the left side is the “presentation” section, for any presentation that has used the Haute Wine collection a reference sheet will go here. This way I can keep track of what has/has not been shown.

Are you disgusted yet? I’m.in.heaven.

And lastly, by flipping the last partition you’ll reach the “contract” section, which may not be empty for long ;). When a contract is written involving the collection I will put a copy here for keeps. For now I’ve put the original drawings back here since they’re huge and I need them to stay towards the back! Cause I’m OCD like that.

Now, I’m going to put all these in hanging folders next to my desk so I will always have access to them. I LOVE organizing!!!!! I’d spend a whole day overhauling the office to put everything in my “Dr. Folders” but I can’t, so with each job I touch or assignment I mark off my list I’ll create it’s respective folder and file it away. Bad news, I’ve already figured out like 2 other colors of folders I’ll need to buy… but am holding off [clenching teeth]