Ok, it’s been way too long since last I wrote, but deal with it cause I’m busy! Busy with GREAT things, but of course, I can’t tell you about them just yet. Just know this… you WILL be seeing lezleelliott products out in the marketplace shortly :) :) :)

Speaking of marketplaces… in case you haven’t “Liked” me on Facebook, do it now. I’ll wait….





Ok. That’s probably the most important thing you’ll ever do, so congrats. :) Back to the point. On Facebook I recently held a little poll about products I should sell on Etsy. (See now aren’t you glad you’ve “Liked” me, otherwise you’re missing out.) By far, two of those products were the most popular: the “lady flasks” and the holiday greeting card packs! The greeting cards are the #1 choice, which is crazy! Henyway, I’ve decided to start out slowly by just selling those two products, and YES they will be ready in time for Christmas!!! So be prepared to buy all your friends, loved ones and yourself a little something from me.

Now that I know which products I’m starting with, I need to figure out which designs will be the best to start selling. So again, I need your help. I’ve only had time to put together the images of potential flask choices and I’d like to do ANOTHER poll, a BIGGER poll. Cause this shiz important. I need you to tell me which of these flasks you would rather have. Get ALL of your friends to vote also, cause I need to know for reals. Below are 13 different choices… Some just qualify as color choices, but oh well. Please vote for your top 5 (if you have that many) and let me know which is your absolute favorite. BUT WAIT!!!! It gets BETTER, cause there’s a GIVEAWAY!!!!!! [cue the ticker tape and trumpets] That’s right, a friggin’ giveaway! Can you believe it!?!?

I will give you a flask for free! With any design of your choice – well from the 13 possibilities. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be the FIRST owner of a lezleelliott flask, I know… contain your excitement. All you have to do is 1. tell me your top 5 fav designs (duh), 2. get your friends “Like” my Facebook page and when they do, they MUST post “so-and-so sent me” (so-and-so being your name that way I can tally them up), and 3. they should vote on their top 5 favs too. Whoever has the most friends sent to my page AND voted for their favs by Monday, September 19th will be the WINNER. Easy peasy. :) You’ve got like 4 days… GET A MOVE ON!

Good luck choosing!


Feathered Peacock

Moroccan Muse

Black & White Houndstooth

Pink & Gold Houndstooth

Stroll Through Paris

Trendi Mehndi Elephants - Capri

Trendi Mehndi Elephants - Fucshia

Needy Martini

Work Schmerk


Apple Martini

Tequila Worm