…Amanda Hopcraft!!! Congrats to Amanda for winning a lezleelliott flask!!! Yay! I believe this is the one you’re after…

If you weren’t privy to the virtual war on my Facebook page, it was seriously a nail bitter. It’ll be in all the tabloids tomorrow. Trust. I loved it.

Jessica Harris also put up an extremely good effort, and for that she will also receive a lezleelliott flask! I’m an equal opportunity giver… if you work hard, you deserve a reward. So great job to both of those ladies! And WELCOME to all my new fans!!!  Your whole lives will change… well… not really. But maybe kinda sorta.

Anywho, I want to let you know, there will be MORE giveaways soon, and some will be just for the current fans! So everyone that’s a fan now… you’re basically already entered into a giveaway. I’m getting LOTS of goodies to give away and you’re gonna want them. So I’m pumped. :)

Now, back to the main reason this whole thing went on. I needed to find out which flasks to make for Etsy. And there are 3 CLEAR winners.


Feathered Peacock

Work Schmerk

Love that selection! There were basically votes for every single flask design, but for now I’m just going to choose the MOST popular ones. So there were a few others that were up there also, with like 1 less vote then the top 3…

Needy Martini


Moroccan Muse

Tequila Worm

Apple Martini also got quite a few votes, but since I already have one “martini” based design I’m going to save it until later. Alright people, those are the first 7 designs I’ll be selling on my Etsy page and I’ll let you know AS SOON as they’re available :)

THANK YOU to all who participated.