Would you buy Halloween greeting cards?

There’s a demand for Halloween greeting cards, but how big is it really? That’s what she said. Since I’m opening up the doors to this amazing web store, and basically everyone voted that they’d buy holiday greeting cards, I’m wondering if Halloween cards would be a part of that grouping.

My initial thought was Christmas cards, duh… basically everyone needs those and why not have awesome ones that no one else does? But I also have some super cute Halloween card designs and I’m curious if anyone would want those…

So before I do a visual poll, choosing which greeting card collections I sell, would you buy Halloween cards? Would you buy 1 at a time? A group of 5 different cards? A group of 10 cards (5 designs with 2 cards of each design)? Or would you skip over them and go straight for the Christmas cards?

I need to know!