I feel like I do SO much work and you guys just never get to know what’s really going on, but you still support me like 1000%! There’s such a long process behind licensing… Design a collection [approx 2-3 weeks], send it around to manufacturers [5 minutes to email it out], they might like it and let you know [in about 2-4 weeks], if they like it enough they’ll ask for files for their presentation to retailers/product digital mock up [they always want it in like a week], and then maybe just maybe if they approve that you’ll get a contract [but it takes about 1-4 months to approve it]. Then, they obviously make it and sell it to retailers [which takes about 6-8 months], and then it goes in stores [approx 2-4 months to get the retail orders out]! These timeframes are just probably exaggerated estimates, but seriously it takes FOREVER for something to happen. And you just gotta keep doing it about 2-3 times a year, making new collections, sending it around and seeing what happens.

It takes a long time for manufacturers to make decisions, and it’s completely understandable. I mean if you were going to make 50,000 versions of something I’d like to think you’ve put it through the ringer too. There’s alot at stake, especially in an economy where it’s difficult for people to condone buying something they don’t really need, but I just keep working at it hoping that someone will recognize the great ideas I have.

And I’m happy to say it finally seems as though things are going my way and there’s gonna be some AWESOME stuff out there next year!!!! I have successfully signed 6 new contracts within the last few months! And I’m SO pumped to start seeing this stuff come out :) It’s gonna be good, and what I’m hoping is that once I can release the info to you, you all can help me find out where this stuff is sold! These LARGE manufacturers don’t have a “store locator” so I just have to stalk every store find out where this stuff is, and I’m gonna need your help :). I’m thinking about turning it into a game to make it fun. [FYI you should know, I.LOVE.GAMES. so I always want to make things a game]. Regardless new items are thrilling for me and I’m expecting a few more deals to come my way before the end of the year so cross your fingers!

Also, in the midst of all this licensing fun, I worked my fingers to the bone on some freelance design stuff… for a company… making new products!!! So THOSE products will also be coming out soon! And I’m REALLY excited to see those too, I should be getting some samples to giveaway on Facebook so be looking out for it.

You should know… I’m planning to take over the world with my designs and this is only the beginning. :)