Guess what!?!? You finally get to hear about something I’ve had to keep from you! YAY! So tired of the, “exciting things I can’t tell you about” posts… and there are more reveals coming asap!Anywho, I’ve been working really hard on putting together a bunch of products for a website called Little Red Tulip! The whole website is about personalized products that stand out, so you can buy a lezleelliott journal with your name/initials on it!

I’m slow still adding products to the offering, but currently there are Christmas cards, journals and binders. And at some point there will be clip boards, coasters, pillows, scarves, lunch boxes and the list goes on and on. Everything on the site is personaliz…able (?) which is awesome. Plus there are patterns on there from me that you’ve probably never even seen.

I should also mention, there are other artists who’ve contributed also – IZAK [love], Robin Pickens, Heather Rosas, Simon + Kabuki [my favs] and many more. They’ve got some super cute stuff. But I know you love mine the best :)

I’ll also be guest blogging for! So if you think this shiz is funny… check it out over there. it probably won’t be funny either.