I’m feeling so good today I’ve decided to do a GIVEAWAY!!! So one lucky winner will receive a lezleelliott Luvali Chic Bag in “It’s All Plum Victorian”!

Let me just tell you, this is a GREAT little bag. The purple side is ideal for a pop of color with your everyday wear, and it’s not a huge bag so you can carry it everywhere. The black damask side (yeah. it’s REVERSIBLE.) is absolutely perfect for dressing up an outfit. Plus, if you just want a super sleek black bag, you can take off the slip and just use that. WHAT IS THIS?!?! 3.bags.in.1. You heard me.

NOW, how to win you say??

Go “like” the Luvali page since you’re gonna be rockin’ this awesome bag. (If you’ve already liked them, you’re ahead of the game) You BETTER “like” my page since I’m the one handin’ over the goods. Trust me. I’ll check. And then comment here or on my facebook page as to why you need a new bag!

That’s pretty much it. Easy peasy with a free bag-esy… that was a stretch

Oh, and you have til’ 5pm Friday since I know SOME of you work for a living and won’t see this til’ later. :) So Friday at 5pm on.the.dot. I’ll use a randomizer to pick the winner and will let you know! Good luck!