I’m sick and feeling snarky, so there’ll be plenty of strikethrus, but thought you should see a little peek into what I’ve been avoiding working on. It’s just in the beginning stages because I’m having a creative lapse, but here’s what my new spring floral collection will be based on.

Remember when I was painting blobs until they made something experimenting with watercolor? Well this is the result! So now the hard part that’s what she said, what do I name it? Can you help me?

How about you submit names so I don’t have to do any actual work on this blog or my Facebook page and I’ll pick a winner! Aaaaaaaand to give you a little incentive just freakin’ do it the winner will receive this cute Luvali lezleelliott wristlet in Raspberry!

You’ve got til’ 4pm Friday, December 9th. There. That’s all I’ve got today… Go forth and name my shiz.