I had so much more to learn from her… I wasn’t finished seeing all the amazing things she was going to do… I wasn’t finished doing things to amaze her…

There is no way to convey the vast amount of lives she has touched, but I know that she was not just my mother, my teacher and my inspiration. She was that for more people than I will ever know.

It’s not fair. And I miss her terribly. It will take all my strength – which I got from her – to get through this.

She was cruelly taken too soon, but she lived a wonderful life while she was here… I will always strive to be like her.

Christine Elliott, Mrs. Elliott, Chrissy, mom, wife, grandma, mentor, teacher, daughter, sister, chef, baker, artist, project manager, tourist, friend, and all around amazing person.
October 11, 1950-January 5, 2012