It’s been really impossible difficult to get back into “the swing of things”… Some days I’m so immersed that I don’t notice when it gets dark outside, and other days I’m listless and can’t focus on anything at all and I just stare out into space.

One thing I’ve started is writing in a journal to get all the thoughts out of my head at night… So far it’s like 2-3 pages per day. It seriously makes my hand hurt, because it’s been absolutely never a LONG time since I’ve written that much. Anyhow, there are a couple things I have gone back through and read that mean alot to me and how I’m feeling at the time. Last night I wrote, “It’s upsetting that life is continuing without her.” It was just a statement I made, but when I read it, it meant alot to me because it is exactly how I feel everyday. It’s hard imagining life continuing on and she’s not in it, that’s really the worst part.

But regardless of what I’m going through, there are things that need to get done and that’s what I’m concentrating on. There are some small things like shaving my legs after far too long, or medium things like going to the Atlanta show to stalk walk around and see manufacturers, and then big things like oh I don’t know… running my business?!

So in my eyes yesterday was a very successful day. I got up at like 6:30, worked out, shaved legs finally, and got to work! I re-designed a collection. BOOM. And then started making the alternate color versions. YES. Then on my way to let Stella, my office lazy ass helper, out to potty there was a box on the steps, it was my Not Soap, Radio samples!!!! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. I was SO excited to see them. Last fall I worked tirelessly with NSR to revamp and develop a TON of product labels and their box packaging and displays and I was finally able to taste see them all. So I’ll introduce you to all of my newest works! And keep reading below for a possible giveaway :).

First, the newest grouping of products, which also seems to be UBER popular… Cocoa Nostra Confectionery. This collection of chocolate goodies contains lip balm pots and chapslicks.

The CNC logo was made to look like an old italian bakery awning, and the boxes like candy boxes that you would get truffles out of. These chocolate based lip balm pots are delicious, Black & White Cookie, Frozen Banana, Cherry Cordial and Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel). Each label was designed as a dedication to the style that each lip balm represents, which makes them really cute and fun to look at and share.

Oh my gosh they all smell so good when I open them up…

Oh yeah, that’s my name on the back of the label and packaging!

Next are the chapslicks. YUM. There are 6 flavors, White Chocolate Raspberry Confection, Take the Lemon Vanilla Cannoli, Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!, Mint Noir, Milk Chocolate Orange Truffle, and Chocolate Hazelnut Capo-ccino.

Hah! My name is on these little babies too ;)

Ok, now that I’m in chocolate overload, we’ll move on. To keep with the lip balm we’ll move to the Say It With Suds group! I only received a few of these babies, but there are 13 or 14 total ways to tell someone, “Hey! You’re the balm!”

I got, “You’re the greatest sister in the world.”, “You’re the greatest friend ever.”, “Damsel in De-Stress”, and “Happy Birthday”. They all have different scents that may change and surprise you with something new! I took it upon myself to start using the “Damsel in De-Stress” but no worries, I got two in case I want to do a giveaway later! Hah!

Next up, are solid perfumes. We’ll start with the small group, Pure Florals. Naturally floral and light scents that smell so good, I’d like to just leave them open to smell up my house.

Jasmine, Gardenia and Magnolia… so refreshing. And these boxes are the cute “gift boxes” used for generic packaging. See… name on back :)

Then there’s the I’m not here, I’m really… solid perfume group. These are my favorites. Each scent is meant to transport you into another place that you’d “like” to be even when you can’t.

My personal favorite is “lounging poolside at a beachfront resort”, it smells like lime, and coconut and sunshine. Did I really just say that? I also got “at the spa”, “walking the red carpet”, “meditating in a Zen garden”, “at the country club” (turned around), “island hopping”, and “on holiday in Tuscany”. There’s a couple others that I didn’t get, “vacationing in a quaint seaside village” and “up at a mountain retreat”. 9 total scents… and oh so different.

These come in my favorite box, it’s looks like a mini suitcase with travel stickers on it. So CUTE!

And lastly, are the I’m not here, I’m really… mini bubble bath kits. These come in sets of four, with the same scents used as bubble bath versions.

I told you. It was a TON of work, but don’t you love it all?? Not Soap, Radio is an amazing company and you should go “Like” their Facebook page because they ALWAYS do giveaways and sales… You do NOT want to miss out.

Otherwise, should I do a giveaway of some of these fantastic products? What do you think? Which products would you like to have most? Could it be a combination of products? Like a bubble bath, solid perfume AND lip balm??

I’ll let you direct this one… so you tell me on here or on my Facebook page what products you’d like to have a contest for. And if you don’t tell me… well then you ain’t gonna win anything.