If you are like me, you make lists about every 5 minutes. OR you have some little note, thought or song name to write down at least 5 times a day! So I use jotters. Small notebooks (4×6) with a rubber band closure (to keep those suckers shut!) that literally fit in your back pocket, and easily slip into your purse to write notes in about everything. They’re perfect.

And now, I’ll be selling them on my Etsy site! But first, I have to decide which patterns to sell… so of course, I thought I’d poll the audience to find out which ones you like best.

There are A LOT to choose from (22 designs) because I have the worst time deciding which ones I think are prettiest…so I’ll let you! You’ll need to go vote here where I’ve loaded all the designs, just click “Like” on your TOP 10 favorite designs.

Let me know by Sunday, so that I can put them up for sale on Monday!