I get asked that question sometimes… but most of the time I don’t even think of myself as that creative. I feel like there are pretty much everyone people who are way more creative than I am. But no matter who they are, how DO you get to be a creative person? Where does it start?

Probably here.

I have always had this theory, if you were from a foreign country you were about 10x more creatively awesome than me. Growing up in a place where culture is everywhere, can give you a wide open imagination. BUT when my Mom died and I worked on the photo project, I learned a little something about myself (and, of course, my sisters). We are creative. And it’s all thanks to growing up surrounded by creativity, fun, laughter and support.

My Mom was an EXPERT at being creative, and in his own way my Dad is also very crafty and creative. If you knew my Mom, you knew she thought big. Large. Impossibly creative. No one could tame nor fulfill all the huge projects she had in her head, except my Dad. Though he never really “tamed” as much as he said, “uh ok… let me figure it out.” My Dad on the other hand was crafty. Not crafty like, felt and popsicle sticks. Crafty like, I’m gonna work on this until I figure it out. – Which if you know me, you know I’ve got a BIG dose of that. – And any project that my Mom could come up with, he’d analyze, research, configure and engineer until there was a reasonably difficult and complicated yet doable solution. And then he did it. I don’t remember a time that he’d hired anyone to do it for him… crafty.

So, with that in mind, my creativity is summed up in one picture that, I believe, predetermined me for where I am today. It’s a cake. I believe it’s my 2nd Birthday cake and my Mom made it. Before cake making was cool. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pictures from my sisters’ birthdays and though Mom made some great other cakes (I distinctly remember a giant 4-leaf clover cake) I’m fairly certain she never made another one of this caliber.

I’m, of course, ready to eat. What’s all this picture taking?!

Amazing right? In fact, her imagination obviously made for the best birthdays…

Duh, refrigerator box/easel painting party, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Making our own hats. Dumbawesome. Are these on Pintrest things you think of doing nowadays, uh no.

And we just had fun. Our parents let us be funny kids and do things that are a little on the crazy side, like:

wear makeup. oops that wasn’t really allowed, it just happened.

get in the hot tub, with Granma, fully clothed. And uh… cut my own hair. That’s why I look like a boy…

paint ceramics (also at Granma’s).

and take our own initiative with exploring.

We had the chance to do plenty of other fun things like driving round-trip in a minivan across country to the Grand Canyon and back. Going to space camp. Riding horses. Swim team. Gymnastics. Dance for 30 years. Play instruments of ALL kinds (i.e. piano, flute, guitar, violin and probably more). Bring in stray kitties – oh then return them. Brownies and Daisies, of course, Mom was the troop leader. Indian princesses – Evening Star (that’s me) and Night Hawk (that’s Dad). Build “Bogus Bill Detectors”, seatbelt rash repellers, or inventions of the like – Dad builds anything.

So I guess you don’t have to be from another country to be uber creative… You just need to let go, be a little crazy, have an uncontrollable imagination, laugh as much as possible, and decide that if they wanna do it, let’em do it and dive right in.