And it’s me.

Seriously, it’s so nice outside and I have a bunch of new fans so I figure it’s time for a giveaway!

This is going to be a GOOD giveaway, so DO NOT let it go without entering. It’s a whole new approach to giveaways, just for you. :)

Here, on my Facebook page, you’ll find the “Easter Giveaway” page. Once inside, you’ll find multiple ways to rack up entries in the giveaway, and you can choose to do whichever ones you want or go for it and do ALL 5 entries for 15 total chances to win!

Once the contest is over on March 28th at midnight I’ll randomly choose the first winner! The first winner will get to CHOOSE ANY 1 of the 5 available prizes below. Once they’ve chosen, I’ll pick a second random winner, and they’ll choose any 1 of the 4 remaining prizes and so on and so on until the 5th winner receives the only prize left!

Got it? So basically what I’m getting at is, enter enter enter and you might get to pick one of these fantastic prizes, which are PERFECT for putting into someones Easter basket, if not your own!

Luvali Reversible Girls' Sun Hat in Peacock Petunias

Luvali Reversible Girls' Sun Hat in Peacock Petunias

Set of 2 lezleelliott Jotters in Trendi Mehndi and Blossom Toss Up Yellow

lezleelliott Feathered Peacock 6oz Lady Flask

Not Soap Radio "I'm not here, I'm really..." Mini Kit with 2 bubble baths, a solid perfume and a chocolate chapslick

Luvali Convertible Wristlet in Rockin'

You have one week! So get in on it like NOW.