I would like to thank you guys SO much for entering my giveaway! It was fantastic to see all the new faces entering, but of course I still love all my previous fans.

Regardless, now here’s the fun, after the random choosing I’ve got my 5 winners!

First up is Elizabeth Melville! You get to choose any of the 5 items you would like to receive as your prize.

Once Elizabeth picks, Kelli Fleming, you will get to choose which of the remaining 4 items you would like to receive.

Then, Andi Dessino Lyon will choose from the remaining 3 items.

And then of course, Angela Gwaltney will choose which prize she would like from the last two.

And last but not least, Nancy Duning Wood will receive the remaining prize!

There are 5 fantastic prizes that are perfect for adding to your Easter basket, or if you’re not selfish nice, to someone else’s. Thanks for participating ladies and I will email each of you to let you know which prizes are left over.


If you feel like leaving feedback on your opinion of this giveaway, please do! Did you like the new form of entries? Did you like the prizes? Leave me a comment and let me know!