So I’m busy. Surtex is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and I’m fah-reakin out y’all. There’s so much to do it’s just not even funny. BUT one way I spend a little leisure time is playing that dangerously addictive game DrawSomething! It’s way too much fun and it basically forces you to draw like you’re in kindergarten.  I love it. And I do not take lots of time to make my drawings look “fantastic”, I draw stick figures like everyone else in their right mind… EXCEPT when I’m playing with my good friend Gail.

We decided a while ago that in order to make the game more interesting, we would make our drawings as elaborate as possible. BEST. DECISION. EVER. It’s been sooooo funny to see our drawings go back and forth… I even took pictures of the ones that are really “blogworthy”… so below is a sample of how I spend a little free time drawing silly stuff with Gail :).