I am happy to admit that I don’t always “get it.”

[A little back story] Since Surtex is holy crap NEXT WEEK I have been going back through and refining presentations and collections. Back in February, I allotted time to work on a garden flag presentation and let’s just say… it was a nightmare struggle. I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around those things… I haven’t bought them for myself, so not really knowing what’s out there was an issue to start off with. But then, they seem so Mom-ish… and I am not a Mom… nor do I have a house to be Mom-ish in. So it seemed as though I was just not on the same level with the buyers of said garden flags, which resulted in a major disconnect when trying to design them for a presentation.

Now, because it’s the last week before Surtex, I am pulling up presentations that I didn’t really finish or that I strangle-I mean struggled with to see if they need help, or to finalize them for the show. Garden flags is the first on the list, so I went to my folder and pulled up one of the two DESIGNS I barely managed to create…Um… “did I seriously make this?” was my first thought. Holy ugly piece of cr*p!!! What was I thinking?????? It. was. hideous. And when you see it below [yes, I’m revealing the horrid thing] you’ll see what I mean by a “disconnect.”

Luckily, I was smart and made time for these kinds of major disasters fixes. I truly believe that sometimes you just need to put something down for a while and come back to it. In this case, I needed to put it down for 3 months… And once I came back to it, I cried realized these designs were not in a good place. So I’m working on “fixing” them, aka completely redesigning them.

I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing the difference… I hope you don’t think less of me after seeing the first attempt. I know I do.

Garden Flags