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This afternoon I got a reminder email to send Halloween cards to my friends and family using, how nice of them. When I scrolled down the email I was excited to see my “feelin’ witchy” card featured as a suggestion!!

I just had to share!

Which reminds me… Go to and look at my super cute Halloween cards to send to your friends and family!!

Ooooooooh!! Looky looky, when I went online to get the link…. Yay!!!


Well well well… I do exist. It has been a busy last couple of months, I mean I can’t even tell you what all I’ve worked on. No really. I can’t tell you.

But I’ve had quite a few exciting things happening over here and I can finally tell you about one of them! The other one is like supercalafragalisticexpyaladocious exciting… and I’ll just say this. Next spring/summer, you’re whole kitchen/picnic can be filled with lezleelliott products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now, the news I CAN tell you! Greeting cards!!! 46 of them to be exact. That’s right 46 lezleelliott greeting cards are NOW AVAILABLE to you online at! Let me first explain where/how this whole awesome website works.

Card Gnome provides an online shopping center with tons of cards. Once  you purchase a card, you can either 1. personalize it right there on the computer and have it sent to your recipient, OR 2. you can send it to your house and write your message and send it off (with the extra included envelope) yourself! Here’s the best part. You can sign up for a “Card Plan,” which allows you to purchase all the cards you need for the year and have them sent out on dates you choose! So literally you can pick every birthday card you need, choose when it should be sent, fill in the message and BOOM, not worry about it for the rest of the year. AND postage is included in the price of the card!

You can also purchase the cards in bulk, like Christmas cards. Cause duh, mine are the cutest.

Here’s the kicker, Card Gnome has categorized the cards into “The Jewel Store” because other fantastic artists from my agent are also in there like Simon & Kabuki, Robin Pickens, Darcel Phillips, PhiloSophie’s and Heather Rosas. But I have all kinds of cards in there for Birthday, Baby, Cocktail, Halloween and Christmas! There are currently 36 of them up… so I’m working to get the last 10 on there, my Haute Wine Girls!! Everything else is from my Too Sweet candy/cake/cupcake collection, Cocktail hour (Martini/Margarita/Wine) collection, Baby Animals (elephant/giraffe/lion) collection, Haunted Halloween collection, and Winter Woods (birds in trees and circles) collection.

So go check out all the cards, and buy some!!!

I have been SO busy with quite a few things so there’ll be a couple posts here. BUT I know you have been waiting to see what my Halloween pumpkin looked like!!!


My very first time carving a pumpkin :) I think it went alright… there were a few snags here and there, but generally it was painless. The gah-rossest part was getting the guts out. I refused to touch them. So I left them all in there and would turn the pumpkin to scrape the sides and then once I was pretty good into it I used paper towels to get the guts out. I’m pretty sure I’da puked if I had to do it by hand. The little bit that got on my hand grossed me out… Anywho, once that was done I sat down to carve it and made my stencil by hand [yeah I know, I made those nice stencils for ya’ll and didn’t even think to do one for myself]. I punched most of the stencil in using a carving kit from Wal-Mart and then basically went at it.

It only took me a couple hours – which I thought was amazing. I thought it might take all freakin day. But Rob had gone to baseball [4 hours of wonderful alone time quiet for me] and I started the whole process when he left, and right when he got home I finished it!

I had a “lighting ceremony” and everything with him, me and the dog… lol but it was fun! And I was very proudof my work. Of course, I still see flaws… but that’s just me being an annoying perfectionist artist. Can you tell where the design came from? ;)

It only lasted one night, because the lines were so thin, but that’s ok. I was only really hoping for one good night of glory! The funniest part was, the second day it was out, I didn’t plan on lighting it, but I came home to this. The neighbor loved my pumpkin, and unbeknownst to me, I won a pumpkin carving contest. Hahahahah The paper says, “The WINNER! #1” and has a 1st place trophy drawn on it! It was hilarious.

All in all it was fun to see my pumpkin all lit up. Now, I KNOW a bunch of you pulled off some of those carving templates, so LEMME SEE! Email pictures to lezleelliott [at] gmail [dot] com if you’ve gottem :)

Til’ next year…

Don’t you just love FREE STUFF!?!?!? I know I do. So I decided it’s time to give something away. FOR FREE!!!! What’s that you say? There must be a catch? Nope. No catch. You don’t even have to do anything. Just use the measly amount of energy it takes to click and BOOM free stuff in your lap.

So what am I giving away? Pumpkin carving templates! :) Yay! I told you I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but then I thought… I just finished up a collection called “Haunted Halloween” that’d be perfect to pull from! Duh! And I really don’t think I’m alone in wondering what to carve into my pumpkin, so I thought I’d do the ego driven generous thing and share mine.

So if you haven’t quite decided what to carve into your pumpkin this week, here are 4 totally unique designs that you are welcome to use! I would LOVE it if you would “Like” my Facebook page and send me a picture of your carved pumpkin to…. please please please! I’ll post it all over my Facebook and blog… I promise :)

Regardless, happy carving! Just click on an image below for the full size page to print out!

Click for full size printout

Click for full size printout

Click for full size printout

Click for full size printout