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Is there ever a “slow season” with licensing? I feel like I keep telling people it’s my busy season… but it never officially slows down. I’ll admit, there are a lot some days that creativeness just ain’t happening and I can tell from the moment I get out of bed. There’ll be a HUGE to-do list waiting for me and I just cannot focus… so instead I get groceries, spend hours on Pintrest, see who has repinned my pins, look at clothes online, decide what I want my “look” to be this winter, figure out how I should decorate my future house, decide I need new boots and where I can get them for a good price, ya know… generally avoid doing anything really productive.

Speaking of not getting stuff done, I’m busy painting my nails… BUT this is part of my work I swear! Uh… I mean… according to my new discovery. I had a conversation with a friend which led to a realization, and I wanted to share it with you. So, ladies, go paint your nails while you’re at work and when your boss says, “shouldn’t you be working?”, you can safely say, “I am so step off.”

My friend asked me why my nails were painted dark blue, my response was “cause I like the color duh” but in the midst of discussing our favorite colors, I had an epiphany. It’s very simple. I use nail polish to alter my mood.

Who doesn’t, right?

But really… I figured out that when I need to develop, color or create a design I am unknowingly using nail polish to get my creative juices flowing. I think it’s actually kind of interesting… have you ever thought that changing your nail color can change your mind set? I usually just think I need something pretty on my nails… but to realize that it affects my way of thinking is kind of crazy. But it works.

I relate certain colors to certain mind sets. I have some examples that I’ve identified, and now I can actually get my work done a little faster because I can choose a certain color for my nails and magically the creative juices start flowing! PLUS you get a little peek into some things I’ve been working on for the shows in January. (That’s right, show season is in January so I’m S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D. where’smynailpolish…..)

I decided I wanted to create home decor and kitchen items with my Moroccan Muse pattern, so I wanted to change the color palette to something more appropriate (if you saw it before it was gold, pink, brown, purple, etc… not really “let me decorate my kitchen with this” type colors). I grew my nails a little longer and painted them red, which in turn made me get into a sophisticated, decorate-my-home, my-husband-will-love-this mode. I felt older, sophisticated, like I have a big house, the time & money to get manicures, and it reminds me of my Mom (her nails were always red). I also think of 50’s housewife ads, I think they always had red nails… so maybe that has something to do with it.

Regardless, here’s some work that came from me having red nails….

I did something similar for recoloring my Feathered Peacock patterns. I wanted to feel young, careless, summery, like I was in my late teens early 20’s… so I chose coral and cut my nails to about mid length. 

And the resulting work….

And lastly… I was working on my NEW Haute Wine girls, they’re amazing by the way, and I needed to feel confident, fashiony, sure of myself, defined, artsy and basically like a total badass… so I went with short dark blue nails! I think black is overdone, so I go with dark blue. They almost look black but then it’s like a surprise when they catch the light and you realize it’s blue… It’s pretty awesome.

And as a result of my badassness…

I’m telling you, it works. Try it. NOW! I’m almost out of nail polish remover and now I’m obsessed with finding new nail polish colors to try… Any suggestions?

Well well well… I do exist. It has been a busy last couple of months, I mean I can’t even tell you what all I’ve worked on. No really. I can’t tell you.

But I’ve had quite a few exciting things happening over here and I can finally tell you about one of them! The other one is like supercalafragalisticexpyaladocious exciting… and I’ll just say this. Next spring/summer, you’re whole kitchen/picnic can be filled with lezleelliott products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now, the news I CAN tell you! Greeting cards!!! 46 of them to be exact. That’s right 46 lezleelliott greeting cards are NOW AVAILABLE to you online at! Let me first explain where/how this whole awesome website works.

Card Gnome provides an online shopping center with tons of cards. Once  you purchase a card, you can either 1. personalize it right there on the computer and have it sent to your recipient, OR 2. you can send it to your house and write your message and send it off (with the extra included envelope) yourself! Here’s the best part. You can sign up for a “Card Plan,” which allows you to purchase all the cards you need for the year and have them sent out on dates you choose! So literally you can pick every birthday card you need, choose when it should be sent, fill in the message and BOOM, not worry about it for the rest of the year. AND postage is included in the price of the card!

You can also purchase the cards in bulk, like Christmas cards. Cause duh, mine are the cutest.

Here’s the kicker, Card Gnome has categorized the cards into “The Jewel Store” because other fantastic artists from my agent are also in there like Simon & Kabuki, Robin Pickens, Darcel Phillips, PhiloSophie’s and Heather Rosas. But I have all kinds of cards in there for Birthday, Baby, Cocktail, Halloween and Christmas! There are currently 36 of them up… so I’m working to get the last 10 on there, my Haute Wine Girls!! Everything else is from my Too Sweet candy/cake/cupcake collection, Cocktail hour (Martini/Margarita/Wine) collection, Baby Animals (elephant/giraffe/lion) collection, Haunted Halloween collection, and Winter Woods (birds in trees and circles) collection.

So go check out all the cards, and buy some!!!

If you are like me, you make lists about every 5 minutes. OR you have some little note, thought or song name to write down at least 5 times a day! So I use jotters. Small notebooks (4×6) with a rubber band closure (to keep those suckers shut!) that literally fit in your back pocket, and easily slip into your purse to write notes in about everything. They’re perfect.

And now, I’ll be selling them on my Etsy site! But first, I have to decide which patterns to sell… so of course, I thought I’d poll the audience to find out which ones you like best.

There are A LOT to choose from (22 designs) because I have the worst time deciding which ones I think are prettiest…so I’ll let you! You’ll need to go vote here where I’ve loaded all the designs, just click “Like” on your TOP 10 favorite designs.

Let me know by Sunday, so that I can put them up for sale on Monday!

Offices always need a little pop of color to brighten your day, and EVEN THOUGH it’s February, it’s NOT TOO LATE! Get one of my desk calendars and be happy to get into the office everyday!

12 months (and let’s face it, at this point you’re only missing out on 1 month… so it’s REALLY not too late) of cute, colorful, bold and fun patterns by lezleelliott

I’m sick and feeling snarky, so there’ll be plenty of strikethrus, but thought you should see a little peek into what I’ve been avoiding working on. It’s just in the beginning stages because I’m having a creative lapse, but here’s what my new spring floral collection will be based on.

Remember when I was painting blobs until they made something experimenting with watercolor? Well this is the result! So now the hard part that’s what she said, what do I name it? Can you help me?

How about you submit names so I don’t have to do any actual work on this blog or my Facebook page and I’ll pick a winner! Aaaaaaaand to give you a little incentive just freakin’ do it the winner will receive this cute Luvali lezleelliott wristlet in Raspberry!

You’ve got til’ 4pm Friday, December 9th. There. That’s all I’ve got today… Go forth and name my shiz.

No. I didn’t forget to add a space. That’s a word. Anywho, Christmas is coming up in like no time and I’m not looking forward to it excited! Which means putting up the tree, wrapping presents, stockings, maybe some snow, jackets, boots, and scarves! Yay!

I do love to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it though. That was always a family thing in our house and my sisters and I would FIGHT for who got to put the Mary’s Angels on the tree cause they’re so friggin’ cute. I think we’re all still trying to make sure Mom leaves them to ME each one of us in her will…

Regardless… wouldn’t you love to put these babies on your tree?

Well a limited few of you can!!! I’ll be selling limited edition Santa and Snowman owls from my Hoot-N-Holidaycollection. These glass ornaments are hand painted and cared for by me! They are so cute I may have to keep a couple for myself… They will be “Made-to-Order”, but I will only be doing 5 sets total!

I’ll let you know as soon as they’re up on Etsy!

I feel like I do SO much work and you guys just never get to know what’s really going on, but you still support me like 1000%! There’s such a long process behind licensing… Design a collection [approx 2-3 weeks], send it around to manufacturers [5 minutes to email it out], they might like it and let you know [in about 2-4 weeks], if they like it enough they’ll ask for files for their presentation to retailers/product digital mock up [they always want it in like a week], and then maybe just maybe if they approve that you’ll get a contract [but it takes about 1-4 months to approve it]. Then, they obviously make it and sell it to retailers [which takes about 6-8 months], and then it goes in stores [approx 2-4 months to get the retail orders out]! These timeframes are just probably exaggerated estimates, but seriously it takes FOREVER for something to happen. And you just gotta keep doing it about 2-3 times a year, making new collections, sending it around and seeing what happens.

It takes a long time for manufacturers to make decisions, and it’s completely understandable. I mean if you were going to make 50,000 versions of something I’d like to think you’ve put it through the ringer too. There’s alot at stake, especially in an economy where it’s difficult for people to condone buying something they don’t really need, but I just keep working at it hoping that someone will recognize the great ideas I have.

And I’m happy to say it finally seems as though things are going my way and there’s gonna be some AWESOME stuff out there next year!!!! I have successfully signed 6 new contracts within the last few months! And I’m SO pumped to start seeing this stuff come out :) It’s gonna be good, and what I’m hoping is that once I can release the info to you, you all can help me find out where this stuff is sold! These LARGE manufacturers don’t have a “store locator” so I just have to stalk every store find out where this stuff is, and I’m gonna need your help :). I’m thinking about turning it into a game to make it fun. [FYI you should know, I.LOVE.GAMES. so I always want to make things a game]. Regardless new items are thrilling for me and I’m expecting a few more deals to come my way before the end of the year so cross your fingers!

Also, in the midst of all this licensing fun, I worked my fingers to the bone on some freelance design stuff… for a company… making new products!!! So THOSE products will also be coming out soon! And I’m REALLY excited to see those too, I should be getting some samples to giveaway on Facebook so be looking out for it.

You should know… I’m planning to take over the world with my designs and this is only the beginning. :)


Ok, it’s been way too long since last I wrote, but deal with it cause I’m busy! Busy with GREAT things, but of course, I can’t tell you about them just yet. Just know this… you WILL be seeing lezleelliott products out in the marketplace shortly :) :) :)

Speaking of marketplaces… in case you haven’t “Liked” me on Facebook, do it now. I’ll wait….





Ok. That’s probably the most important thing you’ll ever do, so congrats. :) Back to the point. On Facebook I recently held a little poll about products I should sell on Etsy. (See now aren’t you glad you’ve “Liked” me, otherwise you’re missing out.) By far, two of those products were the most popular: the “lady flasks” and the holiday greeting card packs! The greeting cards are the #1 choice, which is crazy! Henyway, I’ve decided to start out slowly by just selling those two products, and YES they will be ready in time for Christmas!!! So be prepared to buy all your friends, loved ones and yourself a little something from me.

Now that I know which products I’m starting with, I need to figure out which designs will be the best to start selling. So again, I need your help. I’ve only had time to put together the images of potential flask choices and I’d like to do ANOTHER poll, a BIGGER poll. Cause this shiz important. I need you to tell me which of these flasks you would rather have. Get ALL of your friends to vote also, cause I need to know for reals. Below are 13 different choices… Some just qualify as color choices, but oh well. Please vote for your top 5 (if you have that many) and let me know which is your absolute favorite. BUT WAIT!!!! It gets BETTER, cause there’s a GIVEAWAY!!!!!! [cue the ticker tape and trumpets] That’s right, a friggin’ giveaway! Can you believe it!?!?

I will give you a flask for free! With any design of your choice – well from the 13 possibilities. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be the FIRST owner of a lezleelliott flask, I know… contain your excitement. All you have to do is 1. tell me your top 5 fav designs (duh), 2. get your friends “Like” my Facebook page and when they do, they MUST post “so-and-so sent me” (so-and-so being your name that way I can tally them up), and 3. they should vote on their top 5 favs too. Whoever has the most friends sent to my page AND voted for their favs by Monday, September 19th will be the WINNER. Easy peasy. :) You’ve got like 4 days… GET A MOVE ON!

Good luck choosing!


Feathered Peacock

Moroccan Muse

Black & White Houndstooth

Pink & Gold Houndstooth

Stroll Through Paris

Trendi Mehndi Elephants - Capri

Trendi Mehndi Elephants - Fucshia

Needy Martini

Work Schmerk


Apple Martini

Tequila Worm

Just a quick view into 2011! Wanted to share the cover of my brand book, along with the new tagline!

“Bringing color, design and imagination home.” Let’s do it 2011!!!

So, it was the first day at the Atlanta Gift Show!! It was SO EXCITING!

I was overwhelmed with the interest in my illustrations. It was incredible, that’s the only way I can describe it. Now, let’s keep a level head and hope that the rest of the weekend goes just as well. But for the 4 hours I spent there today, I already have some good contacts at really great companies, and quite a few who are looking forward to working with me in the very near future!!

Plus, I only have about 1/2 my portfolio available to show… EEK! There’s so much more for them to see, but I’m working to get it there as soon as possible.

This one design was the biggest hit of them all…

It was so popular that I may have to come out with an entire collection of moroccan theme patterns!

Alright, off to finish a few last things and then I’m going to BED! I’m still reeling from the show so it’s hard to imagine calming down at this point.

Oh… P.S. the website is getting put up over the next few days. But there is already lots to look at on the site! Check it out: