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I am happy to admit that I don’t always “get it.”

[A little back story] Since Surtex is holy crap NEXT WEEK I have been going back through and refining presentations and collections. Back in February, I allotted time to work on a garden flag presentation and let’s just say… it was a nightmare struggle. I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around those things… I haven’t bought them for myself, so not really knowing what’s out there was an issue to start off with. But then, they seem so Mom-ish… and I am not a Mom… nor do I have a house to be Mom-ish in. So it seemed as though I was just not on the same level with the buyers of said garden flags, which resulted in a major disconnect when trying to design them for a presentation.

Now, because it’s the last week before Surtex, I am pulling up presentations that I didn’t really finish or that I strangle-I mean struggled with to see if they need help, or to finalize them for the show. Garden flags is the first on the list, so I went to my folder and pulled up one of the two DESIGNS I barely managed to create…Um… “did I seriously make this?” was my first thought. Holy ugly piece of cr*p!!! What was I thinking?????? It. was. hideous. And when you see it below [yes, I’m revealing the horrid thing] you’ll see what I mean by a “disconnect.”

Luckily, I was smart and made time for these kinds of major disasters fixes. I truly believe that sometimes you just need to put something down for a while and come back to it. In this case, I needed to put it down for 3 months… And once I came back to it, I cried realized these designs were not in a good place. So I’m working on “fixing” them, aka completely redesigning them.

I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing the difference… I hope you don’t think less of me after seeing the first attempt. I know I do.

Garden Flags

Guess what!?!? You finally get to hear about something I’ve had to keep from you! YAY! So tired of the, “exciting things I can’t tell you about” posts… and there are more reveals coming asap!Anywho, I’ve been working really hard on putting together a bunch of products for a website called Little Red Tulip! The whole website is about personalized products that stand out, so you can buy a lezleelliott journal with your name/initials on it!

I’m slow still adding products to the offering, but currently there are Christmas cards, journals and binders. And at some point there will be clip boards, coasters, pillows, scarves, lunch boxes and the list goes on and on. Everything on the site is personaliz…able (?) which is awesome. Plus there are patterns on there from me that you’ve probably never even seen.

I should also mention, there are other artists who’ve contributed also – IZAK [love], Robin Pickens, Heather Rosas, Simon + Kabuki [my favs] and many more. They’ve got some super cute stuff. But I know you love mine the best :)

I’ll also be guest blogging for! So if you think this shiz is funny… check it out over there. it probably won’t be funny either.

Talk about down to the wire! Still finishing up some collections to show at Surtex and I gotta HURRY! I am loving this simple new collection I’m doing based on gorgeous mehndi designs, I can’t wait to see it all together and finished.

Almost there!

Well not only am I a designer, illustrator and licensing artist… I’m now also a budding website designer! :) I’m still a beginner at this point, but I’ve already designed a site for RENU Atlanta.

This website is actually a small part of my full branding design package, where I not only offer creating your identity (logo, business cards, stationery, branding), marketing materials and signage but now I can create websites! I also took all of the photographs in the gallery and most of the ones around the site. Overall, it looks great, and the client is very happy with everything, so I’m excited :)

I’ve got a ways to go to become a professional site designer, but I’m enjoying what I’ve done so far! Let me know what you think, and if you’re remodeling your bathroom in the Atlanta area, check out RENU Atlanta for all your frameless shower door, bath and closet décor needs! (See, free advertising too!)

Posing with my bags at the Luvali booth in the Atlanta show! More to come :)

With it being so cold outside and unfortunately also in my office… It’s definitely starting to feel alot like Christmas! Even though Thanksgiving is around the corner.

I am coming up with new Christmas 2011 patterns and needed some inspiration – so I perused ETSY! One of a kind stuff that’s super creative and it makes me want to go make stuff! Which is exactly what I needed.

Magnets/Pocket Mirrors/Coasters/Pins by Mable Mae

Cute branch and acorns by CityCrochet

Cards by Mad4Plaid

And of course I also love to flip through some other sites… and found a couple of great images. Can you tell what the popular colors for 2010 Christmas are? Sheesh!

Well I hope you’re as inspired as I was after flipping through these great images. I need to expand into some “winter” colors! More research :)

Alright this week was HARD! There were quite a few interesting choices and it was actually pretty difficult to choose. But here’s our winner!

Congrats Leanne!! I hope you have tons of fun surfing in Hawaii… I’m totally jealous! This design might have to get used somewhere cause I LOVE it! :)

If you didn’t get chosen PLEASE keep submitting, it isn’t because they aren’t interesting, I only get to choose one to illustrate!!! So two weeks from now be sure to submit!

Oh goodness I never imagined writing emails could keep you so busy! This is ludicrous! No wonder creative’s hire agents, we can’t get anything done because we’re constantly trying to play catch-up with the business side of everything. I haven’t even gotten a chance to finish sending follow-up emails from the Atlanta Show!

But, honestly I guess that’s a good problem to have, it keeps me busy ALL day and it’s getting my name out there. I do think, contrary to others beliefs, that I’m going to send out some vibes to agents and reps to see what they say. I would love to pick up an amazing agent, it would be hugely helpful and hopefully extremely successful. I just want to make sure that I find the right one, someone who believes in my work as much as I do, and wants to see lezleelliott be a successful brand as a whole, across multiple licensing fronts.

I guess ultimately that is my goal, to become a brand, or at least brand-like. Where lezleelliott becomes a name that is requested… yeah that’d be super cool. Don’tcha think??

Well one of the only ways I’m going to get there is by continuing to pursue this avidly and make it work no matter what. Part of that success is going to be CONSUMERS! I’m working right now on getting some collaborations done and I’m REALLY excited about them, and I can’t WAIT to tell you all about them.

Ok, off to work some more before bedtime and get some more emails out there. Wish me luck!

OH! P.S. I found out today I’m going to have a niece! I’m so excited, and so is the rest of my family! Congratulations Kristin & Jonathon!

Ok, so I feel as though I should catch you up… this being my first blog on here an all. I have been creative all my life. I’m serious. I have the pictures to prove it.

Since college I have been a graphic designer at an advertising agency and then moved onto becoming an art director at a up-and-coming business. I created everything from scratch for that company and loved my job. Unfortunately the business has had some issues and needed to re-evaluate and in that evaluation let me go. During this re-evaluation stage I was privy to the fact that it may not work out in the end like promised. So I began coming up with “Plan B”… and I decided that part of what I loved most at that job was product design. I LOVED being creative and coming up with a great idea, drawing it, designing it and then showing it to my boss… who would then also LOVE it and we’d put it into production. I should also mention that most all of my products have been top sellers. So obviously I must be on the right track.

Anyway, I decided that I would pursue becoming a Licensed Illustrator. Meaning I would basically create and draw and design and lots of companies would (hopefully) put them on products and put them into production.

Once that decision was made, it was time to move forward. I sat down with my best friend, Amy, who also worked with me at the company as a Manager of Sales and Marketing, and Brooke, who was the Director of Sales and Marketing at the company. I told them what I was thinking of doing, and they were absolutely 100% behind me. They had more confidence in me than I did! Of course they love my drawings and think I’m just so awesome, but man the boost I would get from them is an amazing feeling.

Anyway, I consulted, and since they had working knowledge of the market I was trying to break into and would go to shows and see all the new stuff, we went through and decided what type of things I needed to put together in order to form a portfolio. Oy… talk about work. I have to come up with an entire portfolio from scratch!!! So I started working… just taking one project after another and moving through them, starting with the ones that were the most inspiring.

I have been unemployed as of June 2010. And have been working tirelessly on this portfolio. My nerves are shot, as I don’t have a clue where I’m going to get the money to live. I can’t actively pursue jobs until I get a portfolio up and running. And I can’t afford to live without jobs!!! So I’m scared. And the only thing that keeps me going is being excited about seeing these pieces in my portfolio come to life.

This blog is to document the journey and hopefully the success of lezleelliott becoming a full-time Licensed Illustrator.