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This afternoon I got a reminder email to send Halloween cards to my friends and family using, how nice of them. When I scrolled down the email I was excited to see my “feelin’ witchy” card featured as a suggestion!!

I just had to share!

Which reminds me… Go to and look at my super cute Halloween cards to send to your friends and family!!

Ooooooooh!! Looky looky, when I went online to get the link…. Yay!!!

Well maybe you do ;)

Hahahah :) Amy bought these as a present to us for planning her bachelorette party. All weekend we wrote sayings on our mugs each morning and it was probably one of the best parts of the whole weekend, though the whole thing was rockin’ awesome.

And it was just too good not to share this morning. :)

And guess what!? I’m starting to add stuff to my Etsy site!!! It’s time to start looking and buying!! But don’t spend all your money in one place… well… ok yeah spend it all in my Etsy store! But be aware that Christmas cards will be going up in the next month, so exciting!