So I know it’s been about two months since I last wrote… I’ve been busy lay off! I moved, again. Third time this year. Blah. I’m finally settled, but also had to finish up all my presentations for Surtex. Madness all in itself. And NOW because my presentations were tha bomb really good, manufacturers are requesting files and I’m busy making sure they get everything they need!

But in the midst of all that, some samples have arrived! Which means that products should be shipping out to stores and they’ll be prepping to put them on the shelves! Yay!

I’m gonna show you all the samples I just got, BUT I need your help… if you spot these items out in stores you MUST TELL ME WHERE!!! I don’t know where these items will be, I just know they’ll be out, so I’m dying to know if you see them!

Anyway, out this summer are these fantastic coasters! Two designs and a wooden holder, they’re perfect for summer time drinks.

They LOVE me over at Design Design, cause they have LOTS coming out this Christmas! A greeting card featuring one of my Haute Wine girls!!!!!!!!!!, wrapping paper, gift tags, dinner plates, dessert plates, beverage napkins, guest towels (buffet napkins), and lunch napkins! Looking forward to seeing pictures of Christmas celebration tables decorated with these.

The card is fantastic, her dress and the circles and the text are foil stamped so the shine in the light! It looks soooooo great!!!


The wrapping paper and gift tags also have foil stamped birds on it, so they shine!

So did I make up for the two months I’ve been gone?? I think these will look great this winter!