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Is there ever a “slow season” with licensing? I feel like I keep telling people it’s my busy season… but it never officially slows down. I’ll admit, there are a lot some days that creativeness just ain’t happening and I can tell from the moment I get out of bed. There’ll be a HUGE to-do list waiting for me and I just cannot focus… so instead I get groceries, spend hours on Pintrest, see who has repinned my pins, look at clothes online, decide what I want my “look” to be this winter, figure out how I should decorate my future house, decide I need new boots and where I can get them for a good price, ya know… generally avoid doing anything really productive.

Speaking of not getting stuff done, I’m busy painting my nails… BUT this is part of my work I swear! Uh… I mean… according to my new discovery. I had a conversation with a friend which led to a realization, and I wanted to share it with you. So, ladies, go paint your nails while you’re at work and when your boss says, “shouldn’t you be working?”, you can safely say, “I am so step off.”

My friend asked me why my nails were painted dark blue, my response was “cause I like the color duh” but in the midst of discussing our favorite colors, I had an epiphany. It’s very simple. I use nail polish to alter my mood.

Who doesn’t, right?

But really… I figured out that when I need to develop, color or create a design I am unknowingly using nail polish to get my creative juices flowing. I think it’s actually kind of interesting… have you ever thought that changing your nail color can change your mind set? I usually just think I need something pretty on my nails… but to realize that it affects my way of thinking is kind of crazy. But it works.

I relate certain colors to certain mind sets. I have some examples that I’ve identified, and now I can actually get my work done a little faster because I can choose a certain color for my nails and magically the creative juices start flowing! PLUS you get a little peek into some things I’ve been working on for the shows in January. (That’s right, show season is in January so I’m S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D. where’smynailpolish…..)

I decided I wanted to create home decor and kitchen items with my Moroccan Muse pattern, so I wanted to change the color palette to something more appropriate (if you saw it before it was gold, pink, brown, purple, etc… not really “let me decorate my kitchen with this” type colors). I grew my nails a little longer and painted them red, which in turn made me get into a sophisticated, decorate-my-home, my-husband-will-love-this mode. I felt older, sophisticated, like I have a big house, the time & money to get manicures, and it reminds me of my Mom (her nails were always red). I also think of 50’s housewife ads, I think they always had red nails… so maybe that has something to do with it.

Regardless, here’s some work that came from me having red nails….

I did something similar for recoloring my Feathered Peacock patterns. I wanted to feel young, careless, summery, like I was in my late teens early 20’s… so I chose coral and cut my nails to about mid length. 

And the resulting work….

And lastly… I was working on my NEW Haute Wine girls, they’re amazing by the way, and I needed to feel confident, fashiony, sure of myself, defined, artsy and basically like a total badass… so I went with short dark blue nails! I think black is overdone, so I go with dark blue. They almost look black but then it’s like a surprise when they catch the light and you realize it’s blue… It’s pretty awesome.

And as a result of my badassness…

I’m telling you, it works. Try it. NOW! I’m almost out of nail polish remover and now I’m obsessed with finding new nail polish colors to try… Any suggestions?


Christmas is getting so close! I hope all of your shopping is done already, but I KNOW some of you are still not finished. So for those of you needing that one last little present for someone, here’s your chance!

I’m giving away a reversible lezleelliott Rockin’ Moroccan E-Carrier from Luvali! This E-Carrier holds your iPad, e-Reader or mini computer, basically any tech object with an up to 11.6″ screen! Plus, Rockin’ Moroccan has become a favorite pattern and this gift is perfect for anyone getting a new iPad for Christmas – or even for someone who already has one!

This is a really good giveaway and I want to make sure it’s a really good contest so, here are the rules:

1. Because I love wrapper paper, it’s Christmas and I want to see how it might be wrapped… you’ll need to post a picture on my lezleelliott wall of an already wrapped package in your favorite/best/most creative wrapping paper.

2. Tag yourself in the photo (so that everyone can see it) and spread the word to vote on your photo! Your friends/family/fans will need to “Like” my page AND “Like” or comment on your specific photo on my wall.

3. Whoever has the MOST “likes”/comments on their photo by 4pm on Friday, December 16th will WIN!

It’s really very simple and I don’t think it’s too much trouble to go through for a GREAT present for Christmas! So you have all week to rally up the troops and get them to vote on your picture!

I’m looking forward to seeing some good wrapping paper :)

Just a quick view into 2011! Wanted to share the cover of my brand book, along with the new tagline!

“Bringing color, design and imagination home.” Let’s do it 2011!!!

Well my week is over as of today. The rest of this week is spent with the Bride-to-Be! My best friend Liz is getting married on Friday and I’m so excited. Tomorrow is going to be a full day of luncheons, pampering, rehearsal and dinner… So before I go, I thought I’d leave every one with another sneak peek!!

These are two collections that are for the BOLD at heart :)

The first one is my Moroccan Muse collection… I think this is a very popular color combination.

And this one is basically geometric and playful patterns.

And just because I’m feeling like getting a drink and the upcoming festivities… Enjoy this last one.

So go have a drink, relax and then let me know what you think of these collections :)

So, it was the first day at the Atlanta Gift Show!! It was SO EXCITING!

I was overwhelmed with the interest in my illustrations. It was incredible, that’s the only way I can describe it. Now, let’s keep a level head and hope that the rest of the weekend goes just as well. But for the 4 hours I spent there today, I already have some good contacts at really great companies, and quite a few who are looking forward to working with me in the very near future!!

Plus, I only have about 1/2 my portfolio available to show… EEK! There’s so much more for them to see, but I’m working to get it there as soon as possible.

This one design was the biggest hit of them all…

It was so popular that I may have to come out with an entire collection of moroccan theme patterns!

Alright, off to finish a few last things and then I’m going to BED! I’m still reeling from the show so it’s hard to imagine calming down at this point.

Oh… P.S. the website is getting put up over the next few days. But there is already lots to look at on the site! Check it out: