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Well well well… I do exist. It has been a busy last couple of months, I mean I can’t even tell you what all I’ve worked on. No really. I can’t tell you.

But I’ve had quite a few exciting things happening over here and I can finally tell you about one of them! The other one is like supercalafragalisticexpyaladocious exciting… and I’ll just say this. Next spring/summer, you’re whole kitchen/picnic can be filled with lezleelliott products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now, the news I CAN tell you! Greeting cards!!! 46 of them to be exact. That’s right 46 lezleelliott greeting cards are NOW AVAILABLE to you online at! Let me first explain where/how this whole awesome website works.

Card Gnome provides an online shopping center with tons of cards. Once  you purchase a card, you can either 1. personalize it right there on the computer and have it sent to your recipient, OR 2. you can send it to your house and write your message and send it off (with the extra included envelope) yourself! Here’s the best part. You can sign up for a “Card Plan,” which allows you to purchase all the cards you need for the year and have them sent out on dates you choose! So literally you can pick every birthday card you need, choose when it should be sent, fill in the message and BOOM, not worry about it for the rest of the year. AND postage is included in the price of the card!

You can also purchase the cards in bulk, like Christmas cards. Cause duh, mine are the cutest.

Here’s the kicker, Card Gnome has categorized the cards into “The Jewel Store” because other fantastic artists from my agent are also in there like Simon & Kabuki, Robin Pickens, Darcel Phillips, PhiloSophie’s and Heather Rosas. But I have all kinds of cards in there for Birthday, Baby, Cocktail, Halloween and Christmas! There are currently 36 of them up… so I’m working to get the last 10 on there, my Haute Wine Girls!! Everything else is from my Too Sweet candy/cake/cupcake collection, Cocktail hour (Martini/Margarita/Wine) collection, Baby Animals (elephant/giraffe/lion) collection, Haunted Halloween collection, and Winter Woods (birds in trees and circles) collection.

So go check out all the cards, and buy some!!!


Alright, it’s been a long few weeks, there have been crazy schedules and rush projects popping up out of nowhere! So I’m just now getting to telling you all about New York. And this is gonna be a looooooong post, so grab a drink and follow along with me :) I can guarantee this post is going to be as jumped around as our trip! So try to keep up.

Amy (my best friend and CMO) and I went to NY from Sunday, May 15th to Monday, May 16th.

OK let’s start with the fact that we had to get up at 4:45 AM on Sunday morning, and get to the airport for our 7:40 AM flight. Ouch.

Commence under eye baggage. We get to the airport, and as we were walking up to the gate for the flight we see 3 monks!! They were getting on our flight too! Hah, Amy leans over and says, “we have nothing to worry about since they’re on our flight.” And yes, they were in they’re orange robey thingy, and they had NICE Louis Vuitton luggage?! What tha? Where’d they get all that money! On the plane, when they were putting up their luggage we could see that they have pockets sewn into the robes for their phones, wallets, keys, etc.

Blah, it was early...

Amy is way more excited this early.

Now we’re jet setting to New York and we finally take off! It looks so terrible outside, until we get up past the clouds. I snapped this picture and it was completely incidental that the wing separate the line of clouds from blue sky. How convenient… I’ll throw that one to the monks. Anywho, on to something fun, we ordered BLOODY MARY’s!!! Hey, it was 7:45am and we’d already been up for 3 hours. Lucky us, the credit card machine was broken so we got them courtesy of Delta! Yesssssss… too bad we didn’t order a bunch more. We were so excited about the free one, we didn’t think about getting 2 or 3 more.

Here’s a pic of our free Bloody Mary’s. Thank you Delta!

Down the bloodies and get this show on the road! Still keeping up?

So, obviously, next, we arrive in NY!!! It’s not glamourous. The airport smells funny, it looks dingy, and there’s a line to wait for a cab. Not feeling it. Oh, and as we’re standing in line Amy asks what time check-in is at the hotel, being that it’s currently 10:30am. I call, and check-in is 3pm. Great. They can give us an early check-in, at 1pm, but that’s the best they can do, although they will let us stow our baggage. I guess that’ll work. Finally, we make it up to a cab, and I’m thankful I did all that Google Map research because I’m immediately put on the spot to spit out our destination. Do they want the hotel name? Do they know where it is? Does he speak english? [No. This answer applies to all cab drivers in NY.] Do they want cross streets? Do I remember the cross streets?  5th and 31st and step on it.

We get there, and it’s humid, and we feel gross, but it’s time to put on a happy face and get straight over to the show! So we change in the hotel bathroom, which is hot hot hot inside. What is there no AC? Still feel a bit gross but lookin’ pretty good.

As it starts to rain, we decide to walk the measly 7 blocks to the Javits Center. That was the beginning of the end… for my feet. 7 blocks felt like 20, and my feet were paying for it. I think we made it 5 blocks and I had to stop and get bandaids! Once we arrive at Javits, and get our badges, we sit and apply about 100 bandaids to our feet, grab a quick lunch and get a move on.

Phew! We made it, and now, we’re on a mission to find Julie, my agent and the Jewel Branding booth! Ta Daaaaa!

Oh, very nice job Julie! Love the red, it definitely stands out. And oh… wha… what is that I see?

Yeah!!!! That’s me!! There in that box, that’s my work. Oh it looks so nice and I’m excited to see it. And then oh! There’s more?! Why yes, right over to the left a little bit…

Oh that’s my Luvali bags!! Yay! They look great, of course. So now I’m pumped. We say our “Hello’s” and I introduce Amy to everyone, and we walk the rest of the show. Little did I know, Sunday was the  S    L      O       W  day, BUT it gave me a chance to meet Monica Lee, who I’ve been following for a long time, and of course she’s completely adorable. I was over the moon about meeting her. I also met Erin and Ilene, the ladies of Simon+Kabuki, which also use Julie as an agent, and they are BRILLIANT. I love love love them. Plus, they’re hilarious and we got along right off the bat. So, since it was a very slow day, we’d finished perusing the show, and it was clearing up outside, we decided to go down towards Central Park and Times Square.

As if we didn’t get it into our heads the first time, we walked AGAIN all the way down to Times Square. It was like 20 blocks actually, but more like 500 blocks on my feet. Blisters. Get. Worse. We felt too much like tourists and did not whip out the camera to take pictures. I mean, it looks exactly like what the other hundred million people have photographed. What was interesting was that I was super unimpressed by the restaurants there! They have Olive Garden, Red Lobster, TGIFridays, and other typical chains! What tha?!? I was expecting like amazing one-of-a-kind eateries that I wouldn’t find elsewhere. Boo… Was not happy about that, or being heckled at to come to a comedy show. Either way, we found an out-of-the-way little restaurant and “cheers-ed” (?) with a drink and appetizer. Artichoke guacamole with warm pita bread. YUM.

Afterwards we continued on to Central Park. Blister. mania. at this point.

Oh man it was pretty. And then… a weirdo found us. DUN DUN DUN We were taking pictures of each other on the bridge, and some foreign tourist guy offers to take our picture. Me=freaked out because he’s holding my expensive camera, but we grin for a minute and take the picture.

Ok, picture time over. BUT NO. He says, “why don’t you come over here,” scooting us towards the right side, which is basically off the bridge. And I keep saying, “no it’s ok, I think it’s good, I think you got it.” But he insists and I’m convinced he’s two seconds from stealing my camera. He quickly snaps 3 pictures and then I basically grab the camera out of his hand. The pictures are terrible, you can see my progression towards him… but they aren’t blog worthy.

Now we need to head back to get ready for the Surtex party that night, and we decide there ain’t no WAY that we’re walking. Let’s get a cab, like now. 

One thing you should know about NY. Apparently around the hours of 4-6:30pm you CANNOT get a cab because they are changing shifts. And no one wants to pick you up because they’re about to be done, or they aren’t “on” yet. AHHHHHHH! So guess what. We walk ALL 20 blocks BACK to the hotel, with our hands in the air the entire time trying to flag down a cab. By now it’s 6:30pm, we’re exhausted, and the Surtex 25th Anniversary party is starting right now, and we’re not even ready. We’re sweaty, tired and in a lot of pain.

We get ready and are sure that we’re taking a CAB to the party. Lucky us, the cab driver who barely speaks english has NO CLUE where “Battery Gardens” is, other than the fact that he knows where “Battery Park” is. Great, so he takes us THE. LONG. WAY. to Battery Park to “ask people on the streets where it is.” Yeah that’s right, he called someone to ask, they didn’t know, he asked another cab driver, he didn’t know. Finally he asked some guy on the street and he says, “oh it’s right over here, just turn right and you’ll see a place to drop them off.” Thank you kind sir for directing my cabbie to the place, after 30 MINUTES in the cab, and a $20something tab. AHHHHHH, now I’m just frustrated. We get to the party, and guess what. They’ve cleaned up ALL THE FOOD!!!!! There’s cold pasta left, and picked over cookies and fruit. Even. more. frustrated. We decide to at least get a drink outta the deal and head to the bar. 20 minutes later, I’m finally next in line and I asked for a Jack and Ginger. She pours 3/4ths Jack, and a splash of Ginger Ale. ARE YOU KIDDING!? It’s awful and I get half-way through it before I think my throat is going to burn off.

We try to walk around a bit, I’ve schmoozed with my agent a bit and some other ladies like Robin Pickens and Phyllis Dobbs, and said hi again to Erin, Ilene and Monica Lee. As we’re walking around we see the Statue of Liberty! While we’re admiring, we hear a rustle in the bushes and see a bit of feather, oh it’s a bird. Cool. Stupid southerners. A rat runs out of the bushes and the bird flies away. They were fighting. Gross. We decide it’s time to go back to the room and grab chinese food , veg out in our room and go to bed.

We hail another cab to get back to the hotel, and whatdya know, he’s effin crazy.

He must’ve thought we were in the Amazing Race, because he literally THREW us around in that cab. I will never forget that ride, simply because Amy turned to me and said, “I think. We might ACTually die.” I erupted in laughter and literally cried because I could not stop laughing.

I think we made it back to the hotel in like 7 minutes flat, and had an $8 tab. Yeah, remember we paid over $20 for the ride TO the party… Ugh. We changed our clothes and walked 4 blocks… ouch…ouch…ouch…ouch… to chinese takeout, ordered some food and took a cab back. I don’t think I’ve ever slept harder.

And that was just Sunday.